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The growing collection of music produced by Titus Compositions through the years.

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Dylan Titus

Music by the founder and head producer of Titus Compositions. An eclectic and bizarre range of styles showcase a variety of different production and arrangement techniques.

Artist: Dylan Titus

Album: The Norm

Artist: Dylan Titus

Album: Dylan Titus

Artist: Dylan Titus

Album: Flavors

How's About Charlie

A unique folk group with captivating harmonies and sweet melodies, enrapturing listeners since their formation in 2015. Their recent works with Titus Compositions have pushed their sound into brave new places.

Artist: How's About Charlie

Song: The Tower

with Music Video

Artist: How's About Charlie

Song: Sunshine

Artist: How's About Charlie

Song: Just Me

Artist: How's About Charlie

Song: Coming Back

Nicole Gauthier

An angel-voiced singer-songwriter from Providence with a colorful and explosive original sound. One third of the vocal powerhouse that is How's About Charlie.

Artist: Nicole Gauthier

Song: Revolving Door

Artist: Nicole Gauthier

Song: October

Artist: Nicole Gauthier and Dylan Titus

Song: Secrets 

(The Dust Ruffles Cover)

Tess McGowan

A Providence artist with a powerful, soulful singing voice and passionate energy that lifts cover songs into the heavens.