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Artist: Jonathan Nogueira Song: The Worlds Eyes

I met Dylan of Titus Compositions through a music group we both participated in and when he mentioned he did music production I was very excited. I had tried mixing my own music in the past, but it never came out exactly how I wanted it. I listened to some of the work Dylan has produced and at that point I knew I wanted him to help me with my song. Once I had some time to commit to recording, I reached out to Dylan to coordinate something. Scheduling was a breeze and we were able to find a time that worked quickly.

I had never worked with someone on producing a song before nor did I have much experience recording vocals other than in my own apartment. Dylan was super professional and made me feel relaxed and at ease. He made it clear that his biggest concern was me feeling good about the production at all times. Dylan also contributed to my track instrumentally (pun intended), writing and playing multiple parts that helped build out my vision for my song. When I say I couldn’t have done this without him I mean it! He never overstepped and if I wasn’t feeling something he suggested he didn’t push it. We went through multiple revisions and Dylan was receptive to the edits/changes I suggested and he also pointed out things I didn’t hear myself. Communication throughout the entire process was quick and very clear. Dylan explained everything in great detail and provided an invoice for his services that outlined everything in an easy to understand format.

Words cannot fully express the happiness and joy I feel with how everything turned out. I would highly recommend Dylan and Titus Compositions to anyone I know looking to have songs produced. His musicality and openness to try whatever idea you might have, paired with his general kindness and concern for a quality product will leave you impressed. He will make you a priority and he will work his hardest to make your project exactly the way you want it.